Welcome to JSMW Pathshala Class-D

Class Teachers
  • Rupal N Shah | rnshah_01@yahoo.com
  • Sonal Ajmera | sonalajmera93@gmail.com
  • Deesha Ajmera (Alumni Student Helper) | deeshu2001@gmail.com
  • Ajjeet Choxi (Alumni Student Helper) | ajchoxi@gmail.com
Class Objective:

We practice practical approaches to develop good habits for our students.  While learning the Jain principles and     values from our material, we emphasize our students in becoming good human beings and live a successful life.   We also try to make them understand the value of this invaluable human birth

  • Prayers
    • Revise all Stutis / Prayers, JAB Manual – A01
  • Sutras
    • Revise Icchammi, Panchindiya, Aarti, Mangal Deevo, Icchakar / Tikkhuto, Iravahiyam, Tassa Uttari, Abhutthio, Annattha, Logassa
    • Introduce Karemi Bhante, Samaiya Vaya Jutto / Atichaar Nirvruti Sutra
  • Rituals
    • Daily Aradhana Matrix, Hourly vow to refrain from eating, drinking and using cell phones during class, Samayik Vidhi(end of the year)
  • Philosophy
    • Book 302: Panch Parmesthi, Tirthankars, Jain Ascetics, Jain Householders, Temple tradition (Digamber & Shwetamber), Jain Symbols, Dreams of Mother Trishala, What is Dharma, 3 Jewels, 4 Realms, 5 Great Vows, Nonviolence, Theory of Karma and Reincarnation, Karma –Q and A, Punya, Pap, Leshayas, Bhavanas, Six Avashyaks, Anekantavada, History of Jain Sects and scriptures, Jain Festivals, Yakshas & Yakshinis
    • JAB Manual: Ascetics-C02, Shravaks-C03, Bhavanas-C04, Imortance of Yoga-D04, Avashyaks-D05, Paryushan-D06
  • Stories
    • JAB Manual: F03, F05
  • There is an oral quiz in class for the chapter that has been covered in the previous class. All students are expected to read the chapter covered in class as homework.
  • Mid Terms are taken in January that covers the material taught until December
  • Finals will be at the end of the year that covers material taught after midterms.
Rules and Guidelines:
  • Please come on time to the class, bring Book 302, JAB Manual, Sutra book, Notebook and sharpened pencil.
  • Please email the teacher ahead of time if you don’t plan to attend the class.
  • If you were absent in a particular class, we expect you to cover up for all the missed classwork and homework before the next class.

Feel free to email teacher with any question or concerns.

  • We need parents volunteer before Mahavir Jayanti Kalyanak program to assist with practice, costumes and on the day of the program.
Reference Materials:
  • Book 302
  • JAB Manual
  • Sutra Book
Pathshala 2017-2018 Materials:
  • Homework & Attendance
Past Activities: