Individual Recognition and Award Certification

Volunteers are worth their weight in gold.  They share their time and talents without any compensation, so it’s crucial to acknowledge their contributions and let them know they are valued. They are critical to the success of our Sangh, so we want to make sure that we take the time to thank them for their contributions and continued commitment to our Sangh!

Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington (JSMW) is now a certifying organization and has been granted the authority to administer President’s Voluntary Service Awards to our volunteers. The President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) recognizes, celebrates and holds up as role models Americans making a positive impact as engaged and deeply committed volunteers. The Award enables community organizations – like JSMW – to amplify their gratitude by joining with the President of the United States to thank their most dedicated volunteers.  Various award categories include the official PVSA pin, medallion, or coin; a personalized certificate of achievement; a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States; or a combination of all the above.

We have simplified the process with fewer and easier steps to report your hours back to JSMW using a spreadsheet.  Please visit the “Individuals” tab to start tracking your voluntary hours.  Once you are ready with all information in those tabs, please forward this spreadsheet in its entirety to  Once we receive an email, we will confirm a receipt of it within 2-3 business days.  We will ensure that your hours are entered in the PVSA system, once approved by the approving official, and are tracked for reaching various milestones that qualifies you to be eligible to receive one of the awards listed above.

Please visit this link for more details about this system or to get information on various milestones.