Welcome to JSMW Pathshala Class-B2

Class Teachers
  • Chhaya Shah | pallavi.dharamsi@gmail.com 
  • Pallavi Shah | chhayaus@gmail.com
  • Sahil Dharamsi (Alumni Student Helper)| sdharamsi1@gmail.com 
Class Objective:

Kids will learn the fundamental principles and living values of Jainism. The purpose of this class is to promote religious awareness, non-violence, compassion, respect for all life forms, and protection of the environment.

  • Basics of Jainism
  • Living Values
  • Jainism in Action
  • Review of Ashta Prakari Puja, Important information of Tirthankars, Dreams of Tirthankar’s mother, Leshya, Rosary, Jain prayers and Jain symbols.
  • Sutras: Ichchhakara sutra/Tikkuto, Irya Vahiyae sutra, Tassa Uttari sutra
  • Field Trip to Jain temple: The purpose of the field trip is to observe rituals, symbols, art and pictures of pilgrimage places in India. If possible, kids will perform Asta Prakari Puja.
Student Responsibilities:
  • Students will work on assignments from the work book.  Parents will help check and sign the assignments.  
  • Students will practice sutras and prayers at home.
  • Jain Activity log: Students will take daily vows at home and put Jainism into practice. Keep a log of this vows and turn it in to the teacher at end of the month.
Jain Festivals:
  • Students will voluntarily participate in observing and celebrating Jain Festivals throughout the pathshala year.  
Reference Materials:
  • The First Step of Jainism
  • The First Step of Jainism Work Book
  • Jain Activity Book
  • Jain Alphabet Book
Pathshala 2017-2018 Materials:
  • Homework & Attendance
Past Activities: