Kalpavruksh – Trunk


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The two trunks are not available as they have already been taken for $10,001 each.

According to Jain cosmology – the Kalpavruksh is a wish-granting tree, which fulfills the desires of people in initial stages of worldly cycle. The Kalpavruksh will be prominently located in the Jain Center.

For questions, please reach out to kalpavruksh@jainsocietydc.org. To speak with someone, please call Nitin Sogani (443-527-6388), Jigar or Nency Shah (425-829-0311), or Pankaj Golecha (860-817-7145).


This will be part of a large recognition kalpavruksh in the new Jain center with trunks, branches, dove/birds, flowers, fruits,, ground plaques and leaves.


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