Kalpavruksh – Trunk


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The two trunks are not available as they have already been taken for $10,001 each.

According to Jain cosmology – the Kalpavruksh is a wish-granting tree, which fulfills the desires of people in initial stages of worldly cycle. The Kalpavruksh will be prominently located in the Jain Center.

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For questions, please reach out to kalpavruksh@jainsocietydc.org. To speak with someone, please call Nitin Sogani (443-527-6388), Jigar or Nency Shah (425-829-0311), or Pankaj Golecha (860-817-7145).


This will be part of a large recognition kalpavruksh in the new Jain center with trunks, branches, dove/birds, flowers, fruits,, ground plaques and leaves.


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