Aradhana Sthal


We have created an opportunity to donate for one Aradhana Sthal (place of worship), equal to nine sq. ft. (one sq. yard) of the religious area (Temple Complex, Upashray and Sthanak) for $2,501. You can dedicate this in the name of your children, family members and in memory of a loved one. Your support of each Aradhana Sthal will be recognized by a certificate and listed on a prominently displayed location.

Building a temple is a once in a lifetime opportunity and this mighty endeavor needs your financial support. Your generosity will help bring this noble cause to completion. With your continued support, we will not only have a place of worship, but also a venue to promote our culture and heritage for generations to come.

Share more information about this initiative with family and friends through the Tri-fold or the Poster (click to open).

For questions, please reach out to  To speak with someone, please call: Bhupesh Mehta (240-455-4524), Ruchil Jain  (408-466-4461) or Jatin Shah (240-888-0168).


According to Jain tradition, building a religious area is considered one of the most auspicious acts of charity for spiritual growth. Supporting the temple with donating for the Aradhana Sthal is a great way by which everyone can play a part of the future Temple’s development.