National Institutes of Health All of Us Research Program

National Institutes of Health All of Us Research Program

Who enrolls in research studies?​

How can my doctor provide
better, customized care for me?

Are there people like me (Jain, Indian, vegetarian, etc.) in these research studies?

In promoting diversity, JSMW welcomes a partnership with the All of Us Research Program

JSMW has partnered with the All of Us Research Program to educate our membership about the importance of participation in medical research. JSMW will help raise awareness of All of Us among our community by participating in a communications campaign with emails, webinars, and other events to share information about the program, including how interested members can participate. The program is a historic effort to accelerate research and improve health by gathering data from one million or more people living in the United States. By taking into account individual differences in lifestyle, environment, and biology, researchers will have the information to better understand health and disease. The more we know about what makes people unique, the more customized health care can become. The goal of the All of Us Research Program is to advance precision medicine. Precision medicine is health care that is based on you as an individual. It takes into account factors like where you live, what you do, and your family health history.
Contact to reach our JSMW representatives Pulkit Gangwal, Rahul Jain, or Pavan Zaveri for more information about the program, JSMW’s involvement and how you can get involved.

JSMW Promoting the All of Us Research Program

Informational Brochure Sept 2021


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