Welcome to JSMW Pathshala Class-G

Class Teachers
  • Kamlesh Shah | theshahsmd@yahoo.com
Class Objective:

The primary purpose of class G will be to teach advanced Jain concepts in more details and give students a format in which they lead the discussion with input and guidance from the class teachers

  • Six Substances (Dravyas)
  • Avashyak – The Essentials
  • Aura, Leshya and Color Therapy
  • Anekäntaväda in Depth
  • Advanced Time Concepts/Kal Chakra
  • Advanced Jain Universe
  • Jay Way of Life
  • Jay Holy Texts (Agams)
  • Internal and External Austerities (Antar and Bahya Tap)
  • Samvaya (Destiny Vs Effort Debate)
  • Contemporary Jain Leaders
  • Life of Sadhus and Sadhvis
  • 12 Bhavanas
  • Types of Paap and Punya (In Depth)
Reference Materials:
  • ES-302
  • JES-401
  • JAB Manual
Pathshala 2017-2018 Materials:
  • Homework & Attendance