Welcome to JSMW Pathshala Class-B1

Class Teachers
  • Nita Shah | nitashah@gmail.com
  • Nayana Gangar | nayanagangar@gmail.com
Class Objective:

The goal of class B1 is to know the basic steps of Jainism. Vows principles, alphabet meanings all go hand in hand in our every day of life as a true Jain and to follow the path of Jainism.  Kids are taught how to finds different ways to volunteer and make it also a part of their daily life.  

  • Review of 24 Tirthankars , Symbols and Prayers from Class A
  • Asta Prakari Pooja + field trip to temple
  • 15 Dreams of Queen Trishla
  • Jain Alphabets with meaning (in depth)
  • Jiv/Ajiv
  • Leshya
  • Sathiyo and meaning
  • Vows
  • Jain Principals
  • Navkar Mantra and meaning
  • Stutis – Panchandiya, Tikkhuto, Tassa Uttari
  • Volunteering and giving back to the community is our class moto.
Reference Materials:
  • Book 101
  • Book 103
Pathshala 2017-2018 Materials:
  • Homework & Attendance
Past Activities: