Welcome to JSMW Pathshala Class-A

Class Teachers
  • Bela Gandhi | gandhibela@yahoo.com
  • Nirali Mehta | nirali71@yahoo.com
  • Mily Mehta (Aid) | milymehta@gmail.com 
  • Malika Shah (Alumni Student Helper) | malikashah1@hotmail.com
Class Objective:

We are teaching Kindergartners and 1st graders. At this age kids are at different levels of reading and writing. Our objective is to teach them in a fun way but before the end of the second year we prepare them and make sure that they reach the next level. Homework is assigned but if they are unable to read and write then a parent can do homework after discussing it with his/her child.

  • Activity Book – Book 101
    24 Bhagwans & their lanchans
    Learning Rushabhdev, Mahavir Swami and Parshwanath
    in detail.
    Jain Prayers
  • Sutras with their meanings
    Navkar Mantra
    Panchindiya Sutra
    Ichhami Khamasano
    Iriyavahiya Sutra
  • Basics of Jainism – Book 102 (Entire Book)
    Rituals at Temple
    Spiritual Gurus – Sadhus and Sadhvis
    Living Beings & their kinds
    Five Senses
    Jain Festivals
  • Extras
    Aarti & Mangal Deevo with meaning
    Meghkumar Story
    Moral skits
Reference Materials:
  • Book 101 – Activity Book
  • Book 102 – Basics of Jainism
Pathshala 2017-2018 Materials:
  • Homework & Attendance
Past Activities: