JSMW Invites You To

with Shri Narendrabhai Nandu & Team

You are cordially invited to 27 Parshwanath Bhaav Yatra, the spiritual and joyful bhakti of Bhagwan Parshwanath.
During this program:

  • Bhaav Yatra of 3 Parshwanath Tirths will be performed at a time and Ashtaprakari Pooja will be performed on one main Parshwanath Pratimaji on Tigado. The Labh of performing Ashtaprakari Pooja of 3 out of 27 Parshwanath Teerth will be available to nine (9) families at a Nakro of $251 each. Pooja clothes will be required for this Labh.  Please signup below.
  • Members are welcome to bring their Parshwanath Pratimaji from home and perform Vasakshep Pooja on their Pratimaji at the same time. There will be no Nakro for this Labh, however, they must wear clean clothes for performing Vasakshep Pooja. Members who want to bring their Pratimaji should inform us so that Vasakshep and Bajot for keeping Pratimaji can be arranged.
  • You will have the opportunity to take Gheeboli for very auspicious labhs for Bharai of Parshwanath and Adinath temple Pratimajis, sponsoring Patts in Sthanak and performing various Anjan Shalaka Vidhis in Koba (near Ahmedabad) India from November 25 to 30, 2022.

Date: Saturday, August 13, 2022
Time: 12:39 PM Vijay Mahurat, followed by dinner
Venue: Jain Center, 1021 Briggs Chaney Road, Silver Spring MD 20905

** Please CLICK HERE for available Gheeboli labhs for Bharai, Patt and Anjan Shalaka Vidhis ** 

RSVP below today to confirm your attendance and help us plan the event!
RSVP Deadline – 9pm, Tuesday, 8/9/2022