JAINA Convention Feedback Survey


The goal of this survey is to provide JAINA collective constructive feedback from JSMW members who attended the JAINA 2017 Convention.

None of the questions are marked required intentionally (except email address) - if you don't feel comfortable answering any question, feel free to skip. Your identity (email and name - if you choose to provide) will be kept confidential - restricted only to two key individuals who will collect and consolidate the feedback. 

Please note: Generally, feedback with strong language is ignored. That's not to say that you lower your expectations or do not demand corrective actions. Just try to present your viewpoints in a way that a reader can appreciate, and better yet, can take action.

For next set of few questions, please rate the individual aspects of the Convention

Overall how would you rate the conference presenters?

If you had children in your group, please rate their experiences

In closing...