1. The recipe must be original and not be copied from internet or cookbooks.
  2. The recipe should not be store bought or readymade.
  3. Print your recipe on letter size paper; if handwritten, it must be clear and legible.
  4. Your recipe will be assigned a number that MUST be on your recipe paper. Contestant name should not be printed on the paper or will be disqualified.
  5. USING NUTS? If you are, then please label with BOLD LETTERS in your recipe and inform one of the committee members so we can place it accordingly.
  6. Please follow the Jain principles while making your namkeen/ farshan.
  7. Only one recipe entry per each household.
  8. Bring your dish on Nov 4th before 10.30am at Coverly Elementary school cafeteria.
  9. Please prepare for at 20-25 people or more, if possible.
  10. We will have numbers on the table, please put your dish and recipe in their corresponding area. 
  11. Your recipe will be judged on the following criteria: Display, Creativity, Taste.
  12. The judges' decision will be FINAL.